Types of Leather

Basic Types of Leather

 Leather has been a booming industry since the evolution of mankind. For sure we all must have come in contact with one or the other type of leather in our lives. For the best part, there have been times when we were unable to figure out which type of leather it was or which animal is this skin shredded from or even weather this one really a crocco skin or just an embossing of crocco skin.

In this articles we discuss about the four very basic types of leather we come across in our lives. Python leather, Crocco leather, Cow Hide, etc is a whole new topic which unfortunately cannot be covered even on a 100 page long article.



Full Grain Leather

The part right below the very hair of the animal is referred to as Full Grain Leather. This is the strongest and most durable part of the hide of an animal which develops natural patina overtime. What makes it durable compared to top grain leather and genuine leather is its ability to resist moisture for a prolonged period of time. Full grain leather in rare cases highlights detailed natural patterns and colour of the animal hide.



Top Grain Leather

The second most highly graded leather in the industry. This leather is obtained from skimming out the hair and other imperfections on the Full Grain Leather that would weep out a rough surface by sanding and buffing. Top grain are used in manufacturing leather articles as the leather provides consistency and a brilliant appearance as these are prerequisites of Vollstedt’s leather goods. Compared to Full Grain Leather, Top Grain falls behind in durability as it traps moisture meaning it does not develop patina overtime.



Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather is the third grade of leather in the industry. This leather is processed after scalping out the top of the hide. Most leather articles are crafted from genuine leather due to their elegant and appealing overall look


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