Branding Guide

All Corporate orders are customized with the customers’ logo on the merchandise and the packaging. We do not charge extra for the customisation, however, there will be a one-time charge of US$50 for development of logo metal bloc irrespective of quantity/order size.

Small leather goods are embossed with the customer logo – hot stamping using a metal/bass bloc of the logo.

Pens are printed or laser engraved with the custom logo.

Bags are provided with a bag tag with the logo of the customer embossed attached to the bag, in lieu of embossing/branding the bag. Unlike the small leather goods, assembled bags cannot be embossed with the logo due to its size and technical limitation of feeding the large article into an embossing machine.
We will be able to undertake to emboss on the bag for all bags that are newly produced to order, which requires a minimum delivery time of four weeks.

Extensive branding will be done on the packaging and presentation. Please click here to view representative images of the co-branded merchandise.