Brand Profile

Vollstedt is the premium leather accessories brand from the house of Knights & Walker Limited, London. We create finest leather accessories, that would last for a long time, with extraordinary craftsmanship, appeal and passion. Our product portfolio in genuine leather is supplemented by writing instruments from specialised producers in the Far East and Europe.

Vollstedt Collections

Vollstedt offers a range of premium leather goods choices for men and women. Vollstedt’s exclusive hallmark co-branding and presentation format are second to none in the industry. With its hallmark black leatherette luxury box, three-way branding of customer logo on each article, the perfect gift that is chosen by you will be arguably made the best ever, offered for the occasion.


We create some of the finest crafts according to our customer requirement. Our designers and craftsmen dedicated a significant amount of their talent into making one of the best creations that you ask for. Please consult with our development team if you have a bespoke item in mind for production.